History of BHU Parivar

The concept of establishing an alumni association for Banaras Hindu University in North America was conceived in 1995 during a dinner party in Maryland. The association was named "BHU Alumni Maitry Association" and its first get-together took place in Maryland that year. Approximately fifteen members accompanied by their families were present, and all greatly appreciated the effort. Encouraged by this, the picnic continued annually, changing hosting locations between Maryland and New Jersey.

Alumni from all over United States and Canada began to surface and started joining the association. Membership grew significantly through word of mouth. This alumni association was not just for alumni, but for their families too. The children of BHU Alumni showed great interest in attending the association's picnics. Noticing that the picnic was for more than just the alumni; in 1998, the "BHU Alumni Maitry Association" was dubbed "BHU Parivar" and has continued since.

BHU Parivar provided a social platform for alumni to meet with their friends and families annually. It also provided a venue for newcomers to the States and Canada to meet with their colleagues and senior members of the parivar. Current membership includes BHU graduates from 1948 to 2007. Additionally, this forum allowed for the alumni children to develop friendships and build a community of mutual support.

Board Members
Organizer Sushil & Mala Srivastava
President Arvind Srivastava
Vice President Indumati Singh
Treasurer Mala Srivastava
Secretary Neha Srivastava
Member at Large Devesh Nautiyal
Member at Large Mohesh Kolita
Member at Large Neeraj Singh

Parivar Family

Disclaimer: BHU Parivar is an association for Banaras Hindu University alumni in the US. It is not directly affiliated with the university.